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You are about to discover that there is hope in a world filled with despair and loneliness.  It is not beyond your reach!  This is only the beginning of what may be for you a thrilling journey.  Regardless of where you live or your circumstances, there is a God who loves you.  We invite you to begin to peruse this website with its many exciting opportunities to study and listen and learn more about what a meaningful life is all about. Check out our new HopeNet Blog and find answers to some of your questions!

On this website you will find a special gift for you.  You may see it by clicking on the Free Gift button above.  However, there is much, much more.  If you would like to study the Bible online, you may do so by clicking on the appropriate button.  The lessons are available in eight different languages.  Special lessons are also available in English for children. All are free.

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You will find that the button “Hope for Good Health” will provide you with some excellent information for maintaining and obtaining good health.  If you live in the greater Lodi, California area, you will want to watch for  announcements of  special programs being offered throughout the year.

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