About HopeNet

Our Mission

HopeNet is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the hope and encouragement that is found in the Bible—the Word of God. It is our goal that your faith in God as a caring and loving heavenly Father will take on a new depth of meaning as facets of His glory—His character—are revealed through our various resources.  It is our desire that these resources will inspire you to seek after the true source of all Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since 1999, God has enabled HopeNet to respond to over 150,000 individuals from around the world, who have requested a copy of our free gift booklet Secrets of Peace. Now that we are able to provide it to you as a downloadable gift, we no longer know how many additional individuals have received this great publication. This has truly been a miracle story and we praise God for what He has done.   It has only been possible through the prayers and support of people like you, who want to see encouragement and hope brought into the lives of men, women and young people.

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Our Staff

Hopenet is operated by an all-volunteer staff. This means that all donations are used completely for the expense of maintaining the website, for the ministries of health and healing through the health seminars and website ministries, and for making materials available online to our readers .