Secrets of Peace

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Ours is a world of hectic deadlines, broken relationships, shattered dreams, unexpected tragedies, spiritual emptiness… The list could go on and on as you well know. Many people are sensing their need for a stabilizing factor in their lives. Men and women and young people the world over are on a desperate quest for purpose, for lasting happiness, for inner peace.

This online volume has ushered millions of readers into an understanding of the basic secrets of a truly meaningful and peace-filled life. Translated into over 100 languages and in continuous print for almost 100 years, this timeless classic could very well be one of the most important publications you will ever read.

Secrets of Peace will take you on a treasure hunt through God's Word, uncovering priceless gems of hope and encouragement. As you read the following chapters, you will discover many precious promises from the Bible. Best of all, it is a free download, so you may choose to read it online or print it out.

Secrets of Peace
Table of Contents

  1. Accepting God's Love
  2. Realizing Your Need
  3. Walking Away From Your Guilt
  4. Clearing Your Conscience
  5. Maintaining Freedom
  6. Believing You Are Accepted
  7. Becoming A New Person
  8. Growing In Your New Life
  9. Sharing God's Love
  10. Listening For God's Voice
  11. Talking To God As A Friend
  12. Overcoming Doubt
  13. Rejoicing In The Lord

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