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Thoughts of Encouragement

Welcome to HopeNet's Thoughts of Encouragement.   The titles in the list below offer a variety of some of the most hopeful and encouraging reflections into the precious promises of the Word of God.   This feature has new additions regularly, so please visit often.

Thoughts of Encouragement
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Words of Hope

WELCOME to HopeNet's Words of Hope! You will find various topics listed in the table below. Just click on a "Title Link" to display a detailed summary page with links to RealAudio™ sound files. Audiocassettes are also available.

OUR SPEAKER: J. W. (Bill) Lehman is HopeNet's featured speaker. During his active years before retirement, he ministered throughout the United States and Canada, and as a missionary in Africa. God has blessed Bill Lehman with the gift of teaching. He is able to make the truths of the Bible plain and relevant to the challenges we face today. Bill Lehman's deepest burden is to present the matchless love of the Father, and His ample provision to supply our deepest soul need through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. "Present Truth" (Bible truth needed for today) is the by-word, and "Christ" is the Center of each study.

HopeNet has converted a sampling of the original Words of Hope recordings so that you can listen to them right on your computer.

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God's Love Affair with the Guilty